About Team Procurenet

Driving the tech-enabled era of on-demand manufacturing.

Discover Procurenet: The AI-Powered Future of Commerce

Dive into the world of Procurenet, where cutting-edge AI seamlessly merges with global commerce. While many remain anchored in today's trade realities, we're recalibrating the compass for the journey of tomorrow.

ePiphany: The AI Heartbeat of Procurenet

ePiphany is not merely a module; it embodies the essence of Procurenet. Beyond guiding our expansive catalog, ePiphany brings intelligence to each interaction. This evolution transforms commerce, shifting from basic transactions to insightful exchanges, foreseeing needs, and designing solutions even before they arise.

Procurenet 2.0: Charting the Next Dimension

Emerging from the intricate topography of the ever-changing global market, Procurenet 2.0 is unveiled. Our renewed vision captures an AI-empowered realm, ushering in unparalleled transparency and agility within the global supply chain landscape. This is more than just a feature—it's our proclamation of the future.

Crafting a Global Symphony

With Procurenet, our aspirations aren't confined to merely building a platform. We're composing a global symphony. Our horizon is boundless, uplifting manufacturers, refining the pathway for buyers, and benchmarking new echelons in quality and value. Guided by ePiphany's wisdom, we don’t just satisfy demands—we craft desires.

Procurenet's Purpose: Redefining Commerce

At the core of Procurenet, our ambition extends to redefine the landscape of global manufacturing. It transcends the act of simply providing elite products at opportune times and prices. Our purpose pivots on reimagining the very essence of commerce in this globally intertwined era.

While our sights are set on immediate achievements, our vision spans wider terrains. We stand as champions for manufacturers, granting them platforms where they can thrive. Innovators find an ally in us, as we simplify their passage from ideation to market. For buyers, we’re the toolkit that ensures they effortlessly match the pulse of industry demands. Businesses and organizations? They find a growth accelerator in us. All these facets converge at a singular point—curating unparalleled experiences for every user.

Empowerment Through Innovation

Our dedication transcends mere commerce. Each interaction, from inception to delivery, is heightened by ePiphany. With Procurenet, commerce is not just executed—it's visualized, crafted, and realized. The horizon of the future is in sight, and we're pioneering the march.

Sustainability and Ethics: The Procurenet Commitment

Our drive at Procurenet isn’t solely centered around shaping the future of commerce. We are fervently dedicated to ensuring that this future is sustainable and rooted in ethics. Acknowledging the need for global commerce to evolve, we not only prioritize efficiency but also responsibility. As we trailblaze with innovations like ePiphany, our commitment is equally strong towards ethical sourcing, championing eco-conscious endeavors, and supporting manufacturers who place equal weight on humans and the environment.

The Procurenet Commune: Crafting the Future Together

With Procurenet, your engagement signifies more than a transaction—you become an integral fragment of a burgeoning collective. We thrive on the invaluable feedback, insights, and collaborations from our extensive network of buyers, sellers, and trailblazers. Regularly refining and reenvisioning based on real-world feedback, our offerings are not just avant-garde but resonate with deep pertinence. Engage with our forums, partake in our webinars, or share your narrative—join us in co-forging the future of global commerce.

The Visionaries Orchestrating the Magic

Venture deeper into Procurenet’s essence, where each groundbreaking move is fueled by a consortium of visionaries. Guided by Gurbaksh Chahal's insightful leadership, our tale unravels from identifying market gaps to tapping into the infinite potentials of AI. This expedition is groundbreaking, both in its technological prowess and its visionary spirit.

Gurbaksh Chahal

Chairman & CEO

Founded in 2020 by the visionary CEO and Chair, Gurbaksh Chahal, ProcureNet emerged as an innovative solution in a world reeling from the uncertainties of the COVID-19 pandemic. Gurbaksh Chahal, a globally celebrated entrepreneur, best-selling author, and dedicated philanthropist, has a history of pioneering ventures. With BNN Breaking, he answered the call for an authentic, data-driven news platform, and with Medriva, he's at the forefront of transforming global healthcare access using AI.

Launching his first business at just 16, Chahal's ascent to global prominence has been marked by his dedication to leveraging technology for revolutionary impact. ProcureNet is yet another testament to this commitment, redefining the global manufacturing landscape by seamlessly connecting businesses, governmental entities, and a vast array of manufacturers.

Beyond the business horizon, Chahal's heart beats for societal betterment. In 2012, he founded The Chahal Foundation, which embodies his passion for addressing global challenges such as poverty, corruption, and inequality. Every venture, every initiative of Chahal reflects his unwavering drive to inspire, innovate, and instigate positive change

Sophia Yip

Head of Finance

Sophia is a highly driven professional with 15+ years of experience leading the finance functions in high-growth organizations. She is a strong leader who is results-oriented and always leads with integrity and determination.

Sophia is an expert in building and growing Finance teams, strategic business planning, finance reporting management, etc. With her vast experience in e-commerce startups as well as sizable MNC, her understanding of business principles and practices will make her another great asset on the Procurenet team!